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National Floors has been doing business in the Bay Area for over 2 decades.  Our company has a big name, but rest assured our quality of work is maintained with a small crew of hardwood people who love what they do.  Between the lead contractor and his foreman, you have over 35 years of experience available for all your hardwood floor needs.  Unlike other floor companies, we only deal in hardwood floors.  That's what makes us so special.  With over one hundred 5 Star reviews all over the net, you can bet we do things right the first time.  We guarantee our work by exercising a "No Deposit" policy.  You heard right.  Pay nothing until the work is complete and you are happy with the job.  


 Refinishing Hardwood Floors

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Old white oak floors before refinishing

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Old white oak floors After refinishing Fremont

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Red Oak Before Refinishing Fremont

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Red Oak After Refinishing Fremont

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Old hardwood floors kitchen Fremont

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Old hardwood floors kitchen Fremont After Refinishing

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40 year old hardwood floors before Fremont

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40 year old hardwood floors After Fremont

Hardwood floor refinishing is our forte'.  It takes a tremendous amount of skill, patience and know how to continuously turn out high quality hardwood floor refinishing work like we do.  On average, National floors will refinish over 125 floors per year.  It doesn't matter if your hardwood floors are red oak, white oak, maple, santos mahogany or Brazilian cherry.  We can do them all.  There are basically 2 options when sanding hardwood floors; Natural in color or stain.  If you want your floors refinished natural in color, that is the simpler option which is sanding your floors and basically adding 3 coats of finish which produce the natural color of the hardwood floor you have.  If you want to change the color, then you would move towards the staining options.  Not all hardwoods can be stained, but most can.  Don't worry about the technical aspect, we got this.  We will take your old hardwood floors in Fremont and make them look like "New" again. What can you expect after the work is done? Floors that are flat, color that is even and a sheen of your choice. Quality work.   READ MORE...


  Hardwood Floor Installation


Hardwood floor installation is typically broken up into a few categories; Nail down application, glue down application and floating application.  The price for these services can vay due to the difficulty the process presents.  Hardwood floor installation isn't as easy and straight forward as some might like to believe.  Why should you know this fact?  Simple, the fact of the matter is we get calls weekly because they chose to hire the cheapest guy who isn't licensed.  When issues happen, this guy who wont' answer his phone when the floor starts separating or creaking prematurely.  You see, having your hardwood floors installed by just anyone isn't like buying a brand name jacket.  This, like any other service, relies on good people.  In other words, the results will definitely vary depending on the contractor.  Hardwood floors installation in Fremont basically come in two choices: Prefinished and unfinished. Prefinished hardwood floors are installed and ready to walk on. Unfinished hardwood has to be sanded on site, but the results are amazing to say the least.



 Hardwood Floor Staining

Duraseal cover

Staining hardwood floors has become amazing in the last few years.  All of our stains are engineered and intended to act as a 2 in 1 product.  They don't just change the color of your favorite oak, but they also act as a sealant to better keep the finish on top where it will work it's best to protect your hardwood floors.  Did I mention they dry incredibly fast.  On average you can expect a 2 hour dry time before the guys are back to work and coating your floors with commercial grade polyurethane.  The benefits are huge when staining hardwood floors with the right product.  That means the project time line is shorter so you can get back into your house sooner.  The standard colors have expanded into predictable, repeatable custom colors that only a few contractors are offering.  You can't get these colors over the counter.  You will need a pro.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, SEE MORE NOW... 


 Hardwood Floor Repair

So you say you have a repair.  National floors deals in all sorts of repairs when it comes to hardwood floors.  The list is pretty short.  The typical problems stem from water damage, termite damage, fire damage or pet stains.  If you are having your floors sanded and refinished, we always recommend waiting until the first sanding process has passed.  This way we can expose any real damage and potentially sand away any slight issues saving you money on the repairs.  If you have hardwood floors in Fremont that are stained, damaged, buckled or cupped, don't worry about it. Give us a call and we'll take care of the rest. There hasn't been been a floor that we couldn't fix. All work guaranteed.

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