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National Floors has been doing business in Fremont CA for over a decade.  Our reputation is amazing and that's because we specialize in hardwood floors.  Our contractors have a C15 license, which gives us "Expert" qualifications, compared to that of our competition.  We managed to maintain a 5 star reputation because we truly care about the finished results of your project.  So how do we do it?  High quality craftsmanship combined with a no deposit policy.  Unlike our competitors, we do not require a deposit for our hardwood floor services. National Floors is so confident that your floors will turn out beautifully, we can afford to operate this way. This gives you the comfort and confidence in knowing that you have not taken a chance by handing a stranger your money. We have a wonderful way of pleasing our customers.

Refinishing Hardwood Floors | Fremont CA

If you are interested in having your hardwood floor refinished, look no further. We can sand all types of hardwood floors. When sanding the floors, you will be left with clean hardwood floors. Our refinishing costs are very fair and our level of craftsmanship is at the top.

Best Hardwood floor installation | Fremont solid hardwood vs engineered hardwoodsolid vs engineered

National floors install all types of hardwood floors. Our flooring costs are very competitive.
• Bamboo flooring both solid and prefinished
• Engineered flooring comes in prefinished and unfinished
• Oak flooring. You have a choice of red oak or white oak
• Solid flooring is the same species from top to bottom

Hardwood flooring has different types or options to choose from depending on the what type of surface you are installing on. To the right, you can see the difference between solid hardwood flooring vs. engineered hardwood flooring. Solid hardwood flooring is intended to be nailed down to a wooden sub-floor, while engineered hardwood floor is designed to be glued or floated onto a concrete slab. The low quality engineered CANNOT be sanded and is considered a "One" time floor. In other words, once the floor is worn, it will need to be replaced and lacks the option to sand and finish to restore to a like "New" appearance.  This option seems affordable in the beginning, but in the big picture, you pay much more for your hardwood flooring.

Hardwood floor repair | Fremont CA

Consist of all types of hardwood flooring. We can fix solid, engineered, oak flooring, etc... It doesn't matter if you have water damage, fire damage or just wear and tear.