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We recently had our house floors repaired and refinished. Part if the work included reworking a floor layout change from an addition made to our home 35 years ago. The work turned out beautiful. There is a term we use in the aviation field about skilled technicians "he is a mechanics mechanic". This is my opinion of Anthony. A real pro and craftsman of his trade. We are very satisfied with the excellent result in the work and the customer service. Highly recommended!!

Marc C

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National Floors just finished up installing new bamboo hardwood floors and baseboards in our family room. I can't speak highly enough of Anthony and Erin. From their bid for the job (professional, fair, and the best price we were given), to the install - everything went smoothly. Dare I say this was almost too easy?! Anthony was a pleasure to have around the house. He was kind, professional, and very respectful of our home. He involved me in all decisions during the install - times where he could do it "this way or that way" - and wanted me to be happy - no matter how much additional work it was for him. He has top of the line tools, skills, and craftsmanship. When all was finished, he left the house clean - even the garage and driveway! You just don't get this kind of service and skill anymore. We will ONLY use them from now on. Can 't recommend highly enough.

Krista S

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I was referred to Anthony by two other people and just as advertised, he did an amazing job. I called on a Tuesday, Erin came over on Wednesday to scope out the project, she gave me a quote on Thursday, and a week later it was all done.

Very professional all around. His workers paid an extreme amount of attention to detail, they were great at their craft, and most importantly they were always on time.

No doubt that I will refer others to National Floors as well as return to them with any future needs of my own.

James S

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Anthony restored a poorly maintained, animal stained 1950's wooden floor to it's full glory. Erin's estimate was prompt and thorough. I had to reschedule couple of times due to other moving pieces and they were flexible to accommodate it. Anthony arrived on time every day, kept me appraised on issues as they encounter it and gave different options, recommendations etc. When it comes to wooden floors repair, refinish, Very professional team and I would highly recommend them. National Floors is as best as you can get and will be my first and only team I will call for any future floor needs.


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I recently moved and my new place has the most gorgeous hardwood floors. I know the sellers were very happy with the work by National and I love the results. Lucky me!

Leslie S

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National Floors re-finished my kitchen and entry hardwood floors. Anthony did a great job! He showed up when he said he would, and worked in a professional manner. I heartily recommend his work and his company.

Barbara E

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National Floors of Fremont recently refinished about 1000 sq ft of our red oak floors and did a fantastic job! Their sanding left no scratches and no dust either (well, maybe just a little). They sanded all day on Monday and part of Tuesday. The first coat went on Tuesday evening and the last two coats went on Wednesday. We could walk the floors with socks on Thursday and place furniture by the weekend.

National was not the cheapest bidder but they are true re-finishers, not just installers of laminate floors. They also made reasonable bids on some additional floor work (thresholds, fireplace hearth frame, etc.) and performed excellently.

BTW, be sure to replace ALL your felt pads on ALL your furniture when moving back. The old ones can get worn and harbor grit.

Jeffrey R

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During our tenancy our family decided to add a new member to the family, a beautiful golden retriever named Zelda. Zelda-girl, however, was rather rough on the wood floor, scratches and gouges everywhere, even a portion of a wood plank was raised. I was certain I would at least be replacing portions of the floor. Enter National Floors to save the day. In short order they evaluated the floor and to my skeptical surprise said they could restore the wood with sanding and topcoat (they did have to replace that raised board). I was incredulous but I should never have doubted them. Shortly thereafter, working within our time limitations, vedi, vidi, restituo - all better. It was a fully satisfying experience from the moment they told me their evaluation quelling my worst fears through the astonishment of seeing the finished product, a floor as good as new. Honestly, it was far better than when we moved in - which was the right way to return the property to the friend that trusted us with renting and caring for his home.

There you have it, upon re-reading the review it sounds like an infomercial but I call them as it is -- and National Floors changed the situation from disaster to improvement. I'd recommend them in a heartbeat.

Jim H.

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I am an architect and have worked with many sub-contractors during the course of my career. National Floors deserves a glowing review. Everyone on their staff was courteous, timely and professional. They respected my home and my family, and took great care to cause the least possible disturbance. They were clear communicators and informed me what time work would begin each day and what the next day's tasks would entail. One's home is a very personal space and I was completely at ease having their crew in mine.

Michelle, MARC studios

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I met Tony of National Floors from Blankityblank.c...and he was by far the best flooring contractor I had interviewed. He actually got back into the business because he enjoyed it, not because he "fell into it." And, it shows in his work, and how he treats his customers. I hope this review doesn't get "filtered" because my review is on the high side. I'm writing a glowing review because I have had National floor work on several of my own projects - 2 homes I was remodeling, and my own parent's house. And believe me, on my next project I will be using Tony and his great crew again for my hardwood and carpet.
I have had the crew of National Floors repair my hardwood, inlay a walnut accent to the floor (that I screwed up, so he saved me), refinish several top-nail and T&G wood floors, and the outcome has always been beautiful. Tony's prices are very reasonable, and he and his crew definitely take pride in their work. Plus, they are always concerned about having a clean job site, which is so helpful! I recommend him to everyone I know when they mention they need flooring work done (even my future in-laws).

When you meet an honest, hardworking and reasonable contractor, and they have done a great job on more than one job for you, you want to repay them in a great review. There are too many people out there doing bad work, or who are unscrupulous. I know, because I've hired a few that were "friendly" and talked a great game. And, of course, those were a nightmare.

Basically, Tony and his crew are wonderful, and you won't regret hiring them. I never have!

Andrea K

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I just wanted to let you know that the floor looks awesome, I don't impress easily, but I am very impressed with the quality of work. I know you have some hours left here, thanks again for a great job. I already gave your name to my wife’s parents who have lots of wood floor that needs work.
S. Macknight

Refinishing hardwood floors Fremont CA

They gave a great estimate, came on time, did exactly what they promised to do for the price they gave, and did an excellent job, ahead of schedule.
I'll use them again.
Enough said.


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Awesome work! Beautiful results! We had our floors refinished and by the time they completed the work the floors looked brand new. The price was reasonable, especially compared to the estimates I got from 2 other companies. The gentlemen were professional, showed up when they said they would and completed the work in just 2 days. There was virtually no dust and no mess. The smell from the refinishing solution was strong, and took awhile to go away. But, overall, my husband and I are very pleased with their work and we highly recommend National Floors. We plan to use them again in the future.

Monica S

Wood floor installation and refinishing Fremont CA

I have always believed that when you need to get something done that you can't do yourself; you need to enlist the services of an expert. National Floors is THE place to go for floor refinishing.

We recently had bamboo floors sanded and refinished and had been turned down by a different Fremont floor company, saying bamboo couldn't be refinished. I guess they didn't want our job. Luckily, I learned of National Floors. They called me the very next day to schedule time to come out to measure/quote. The pricing was extremely reasonable, especially when the alternative is replacement. The work was performed on schedule. Their work is meticulous.

This is a top-notch company. Our floors look brand new. We have gone from hating our floors to absolutely loving them. This would be a company I highly recommend and would definitely use again.

Donna M

Bamboo flooring Fremont CA

I read the reviews on yelp and decided to go with National. Erin came out one morning, looked at the job and said she would have a number for me that afternoon. Sure enough by 3pm that day i had their estimate. That alone sealed the deal being for me just being that prompt. I set a date and Anthony and crew showed up on time and proceeded to get the job done in the exact amount of time they told me. Needless to say the floors look brand new.

I have already given their name out to a couple of my friends. National floors is the real deal, take my word on it.

Dennis M.

General Contrator

Floor repair and refinish red oak natural Fremont CA

I was referred to Anthony by two other people and just as advertised, he did an amazing job. I called on a Tuesday, Erin came over on Wednesday to scope out the project, she gave me a quote on Thursday, and a week later it was all done.

Very professional all around. His workers paid an extreme amount of attention to detail, they were great at their craft, and most importantly they were always on time.

No doubt that I will refer others to National Floors as well as return to them with any future needs of my own

James S.

Staining hardwood floors Fremont CA

National Floors did a fantastic job for us. They repaired and refinished 3 rooms and a long hallway for us while we were out of town. We weren't available to answer repair questions that came up during the refinishing, but Anthony made all the right decisions knowing that both he and we wanted a quality job. Wonderful to work with and very responsive to e-mails and telephone calls.

Connie C.

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